Introducing Climate Cents, an organization dedicated to fighting climate change right in your community

Climate Cents is the central hub that connects you to local projects that are fighting climate change in Los Angeles right now.

We call it Climate Cents because it only takes your daily pocket change to make a difference.

We’ve researched and selected trusted local nonprofits that are running powerful projects that you can support.

When you donate to these projects through Climate Cents, you’ll know exactly the kind of difference you’re making.

You'll see how many tons of carbon dioxide you’re reducing, the number of trees you’ve planted, the acres of kelp forest you’ve restored, the kilowatts of electricity you’ve generated from solar panels, the tons of e-waste you’ve recycled, the green jobs you’ve created, the open spaces you've transformed, and the barrels of compost you've mixed into the soil of urban farms across Los Angeles.

Then you’ll be able to share these results with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond, so you motivate them to take action and maximize your impact.